The voice of Prakash Saput and Devi Gharti in the song of the Film ‘Halkara’

The new song ‘Jeevan Kathai bari’ of the film ‘Halkara’, which is preparing to be released on 29th Baisakh, has been released. The song in the voice of Prakash Saput and Devi Gharti expresses the pain of foreign employment.

The film presents the social dimension of foreign employment through the letter carrier Halkara in the village. Mahesh Tripathi in the lead role, the film also stars Binita Thapa Magar, Sharda Giri, Roshni Karki. Directed by Bikram Sapkota, the film is produced by Kalipar Studios and Icefall Productions.

The film is also organizing a letter writing competition. To participate in the competition, you have to write a letter to a person who is far away from your life, whom you want very much, who you don’t even want, and who you will always remember. It is said that three people who write the best letter will receive a prize of one lakh rupees.

The film won the Platinum Remy Award for Best Film at the WorldFest Houston Film Festival. In the same festival, Tripathi won the best actor award and Chintan Rajbhandari won the best cinematographer award.

It was nominated for Best Long Narrative at the Nepal America International Film Festival 2022, Semi-Finalist at Flickr’s Rhode Island International Film Festival 2022 and Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2022 in the UK.

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