Namrata waiting for a hit

There are three actresses named ‘Namrata’ in the Nepali film industry. Out of which the career of ‘November Rain’ famed actress Namrata Shrestha seems happy. The career of Namrata Sapkota, who made her debut with the film ‘Antral’, is neither bad nor expected. So far she has worked in about a dozen films. However, she has not been able to feel professional success from anyone. 

However, Namrata is considered excellent in acting. Her performance has always been appreciated even though the film failed. Therefore, since the beginning of her career, she has not been without films. She works in one film a year. She is also working continuously in music videos. But what she did not get is the success of the film.

Last year, the film ‘Desaan’ starring her was released. For this year, her first film ‘Nambari Sun’ is going to be screened from the 1st of Bhadra. Namrata is under pressure to make this film a success. Because the failure of the debut film has made her career unhealthy. If ‘Nambari Sun’ achieves commercial success, she will get a big relief. 

Namrata has come into limelight every now and then due to her expressions. During the corona epidemic, she made a statement saying that nepotism and groupism are prevalent in Nepali films, and it created a big debate. Similarly, in a TV interview some time ago, Namrata suddenly became the subject of discussion after saying that she is not married but plans to have a child.

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