A message about mental health in the song ‘Bol Ukusmukus Bol’

Due to the country’s economic, social and political reasons, many young people are moving abroad. Many young people in the country also have depression in their hearts, some of them are reaching the level of depression. Singer and composer Anup Ojha has brought the song ‘Bol Ukusmukus Bol’ by covering this reality of the society. Pradeep Lama has accompanied him in singing in the song which has Anupa’s words. The song is arranged by Salin Magar.

Anup said that through story, dance and music, the song tries to bring out the slyness and mischief that is growing in the youth. He said that an attempt was made to express the despondency of the people during the lockdown in a song and through this they tried to spread some amount of awareness.

The rate of mental illness and suicide in the world is becoming alarming. But in a not developing country like Nepal, the practice of openly discussing mental health can take a serious form, as depicted in the video of the song.

Anup said that the purpose of this song is to say that let’s open the knots that bind our hearts, let’s talk to each other, life is a celebration, suicide is not a solution to the problem.

Directed by Pradeep Lama, the video of this song has been choreographed jointly by Lama and Kevika Khatri. More than 50 people have performed in the video shot in a studio in Tokha, Baluwakhani and Lalitpur.

The video features Bishnu Nepal, Kebika Khatri, Anup Ojha and Pradeep Lama. The video was shot and edited by Pawan Susling.

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