Classical dancer Sita Subedi filed a police complaint against the organizers

Classical dancer Sita Subedi has lodged a complaint with the police against the organizer saying that she was insulted at the Indian program called Captivating Creation Awards held in Kathmandu last week.

Even though the organizers had formally invited her to perform and honor her in the event, Organizer had insulted her by not doing so as promised, so she lodged a complaint with the Darbarmarg police circle, demanding action.

Artist Subedi also mentioned about the incident on Facebook. “The kind of insult that has been done by not giving the opportunity to give a presentation by repeatedly calling forward for the presentation. “This is an insult to all the artists and art. I express my objection to the event organizer team and Subhash Pradhan for such defamation,” she wrote. The police said that both sides were called for discussion on Wednesday. Artist Subedi dances with one leg.

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