Hindi film will not be allowed to play in Kathmandu until the words ‘Janki is a Indian daughter’ of the film ‘Adipurush’ are proven: Balen

Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balendra Shah has said that Hindi films will not be allowed to be screened in the metropolis unless the phrase ‘Janki Bharatiya Beti’ is removed from the South Indian film ‘Adipurush’.

Writing a status on Facebook, he mentioned that not only in Nepal, but also in India, the film will not be allowed to be screened in the metropolis.

He mentioned that he was given three days to correct this. The Censor Board of Nepal has also refused to give the film a pass certificate, objecting to the dialogue ‘Janki is a Indian daughter’ in the South Indian film ‘Adi Purush’.

The board has also decided not to give a censor pass certificate to the film until the dialogue is removed. According to the distributor, the board has not given the censor certificate till late on Thursday.

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