Sonam Topden choose a ‘Discomfort Zone’

Every artist has their own ‘comfort zone’. Someone’s love story and someone’s action. However, there are no new things and new experiences in the ‘comfort zone’. Yes, same role and same style of acting. As a result, the artist does not recognize himself. This means ‘comfort zone’ is harmful. You should be able to work even after coming out of it. As did actor Sonam Topden. 

He has earned fame in singing and made his debut as an actor with the film ‘Samhalinchha kahile Mann’ which was released last year. The film was not a commercial success but he showed good potential in acting. It was analyzed that he could freeze in a romantic role. However, he has left his ‘comfort zone’ in the second film and, a big challenge has been measured.

Sonam’s second film is ‘Chiso Barsha (A Year of Cold), directed by ‘Kaalo Pothi’ director Min Bham. He has changed his appearance for this film. He has long hair and a mustache. The color tone of his face has also changed. According to the information received, he has played the role of a local youth of Dolpa in the film. 

Sonam shared his character looks on Instagram story on Monday and mentioned that ‘I choose discomfort’. He may have the intention of preferring to work in the ‘discomfort zone’. However, despite having good potential in romantic roles, he took up the challenge by playing a different role in ‘Chiso Barsha’. He was selected in this film only after various rounds of auditions.

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