Two plays will be staged simultaneously in Mandala from Asadh

Mandala Theater is going to stage two plays simultaneously from the first week of Asadh. It is mentioned in the statement issued by Mandala that regular staging of ‘Koraghat’ from Asadh 7th and ‘Hiun bhanda Chiso ‘ will be staged in another auditorium from Asadh 8th.

It is said that these two plays have been prepared by the trainees of the eleventh batch of the Theater Lab, which is being conducted regularly by Mandala. ‘Koraghat’ will be directed by actor Kamalmani Nepal. This play is based on the story of the writer Kumar Nagarkoti “Kriyaputris of Koraghat”.

Another play that will be shown in the theater, ‘Hiun Bhanda Chiso’, is said to be a psychological thriller. Old artist Bholaraj Sapkota can be seen on the stage once again through the play ‘Hiun Bhanda Chiso’, whose plot and setting have not been revealed. Sapkota, who gained fame by sharing the screen with Ranbir Kapoor in the Bollywood film ‘Barfi’, has since been active in film acting.

He had not acted in any drama after the play ‘Hamlet’ directed by Bimal Subedi 6 years ago. Sapkota said that after a long time, he got an offer to act in a play, he liked the script and because the time was favorable, he was going to act in Hiun Bhanda Chiso and this made him excited.

Actors Renu Yogi and Govind Sunar will be seen acting in this latest play along with Sapkota. Somnath Khanal is directing the play. Under Khanal’s direction, Mandla Theater has already staged dramas like ‘Ramailo’, ‘Idmittham’ and ‘Teen Transit’.

According to Mandala, this is the first time that two dramas are going to be staged regularly together at the same time. Srijan Subba, president of Mandala, said that in order to take advantage of the increasing attraction of the audience towards the theater and the new location, they are going to perform two plays together in their own production.

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