MSM Entertainment bought the international screening rights of ‘Dimag Kharab’

The international rights of the film Dimag kharab, directed by Nischal Basnet, have been sold. The worldwide exhibition and distribution rights of this film have been taken by MSM Entertainment. With this film, Basnet returned to directing after 6 years.

A company founded in the Nepali diaspora of Australia with the idea of ​​bringing Nepali films to the world market has purchased the rights of the film. This company has also taken the rights of ‘Nango Gaou’ along with the film ‘Dimag Khabar’. According to the market director of the company, Chhatra Thapa, his group aims to enlarge and expand the Nepali film market, which has shrunk due to migration.

He said, “If this can be done, it will be easier for the producers of Nepali films in practical terms and financially, there will be no hassle of dealing with many people.” The filmmakers have been supporting us in this thinking and purpose.

It is said that MSM Entertainment has come into operation with the aim of strengthening the presence of Nepali films in the world and providing financial support to film investors.

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