Singer Raju Lama planted 3000 bhotepeepal saplings in Upper Mustang

Singer Raju Lama of Mongolian Heart Band is not only active in music, but recently also as an environmental activist. Last year, he climbed the highest peak, Mount Everest, to send a message to the world about coming together against the climate crisis and natural disasters.

By releasing the song ‘Himalle Dhakyo Malai’ last week, he tried to convey a message in the climate campaign through music. His latest works are focused on protecting the environment through music. He returned after conquering Everest and announced to plant 100,000 saplings.

Continuing the same commitment, he planted 3000 Bhote Peepal saplings from Raju Lama Foundation in Lomanthang of Upper Mustang on 12th Jestha. He said that in collaboration with the locals, he planted trees to improve the environment of the area. In the obtained picture, Raju can be seen planting saplings with a shovel.

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