Announcement of TV reality show ‘Mahagafadi’

The television reality show ‘Mahagafadi’ has been officially announced. The show was announced at a ceremony held in the capital on Sunday. It is said that the digital audition will start from the 15th of Shrawan and the broadcast will be from the third week of Ashwin.

Nareshnath Yogi is directing the show. He is also a film writer, dance director and fight director. Announcing the show, he said, ‘Speech art is one of the various forms of entertainment. Mahagafadi is a useful and new platform for those who have not found the right platform yet and have been silent and want to do something in life by speaking.’

Nepali speakers and Nepali citizens from all over the world will be able to participate in the reality show produced under the banner of Dhakatopi Films. The organizing company has given the facility to give auditions in the mother tongue even in the show.

However, the priority will be Nepali language. According to the producer, the participants have to present themselves as ‘Mahagafadi’ based on their knowledge, attention to gossip and the science of gossip throughout the season of the show.

The audition of the show will be done only on digital platforms. Only 18 people will participate in the physical audition. The finale of the 16-week program will be held in Australia, while the first world tour will begin from Canada, according to the organizing organization Dhakatopi Films.

The winner will be selected based on audience voting. Whose voting partner is My Pay. The digital rights of the reality show broadcast on any television have not been sold so far.

Comedian Shailendra Simkhada, actress Luniva Tuladhar and actor Buddhi Tamang will be in the jury. The program will be hosted by artist Kameshwar Chaurasia. Kameshwar, who is anonymous from acting, is seen on the television screen from this show.

Yogi, the director of the show, said that the winner will receive a cash prize of 15 lakhs and a vehicle, the first runner-up will receive 10 lakhs in cash and a vehicle, the second runner-up will receive 5 lakhs in cash and a vehicle, and the fourth and fifth runners-up will be awarded attractive gift hampers.

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