The remake version of ‘Kalo Chasma Lau Hai Maiya’ was criticized

There is a current craze among people to remake popular songs from the past and insert them into films, with the belief that this will help build anticipation for the film. But most of the remake songs are worse than the originals; the audience has criticized most of them because of the poor quality of the music and vocals. The remake of the classic song is not as sweet as the original. Despite this, the song is still being marketed as a remake.

Additionally, director Deepak Shrestha recreated the song “Kalo Chasma Lau Hai Maiya Bishal Bazarko” from the popular film “Badalpari” twenty years ago for his new film “Parkhi Base Timilai.” Despite the expectation that the song would be recreated, the outcome is the opposite: the song is met with derision rather than enthusiasm or applause from the audience.

Pramod Kharel and Milan Newar sing duets on the remake, which also features music by Shambhujeet Baskota and lyrics by Surendra Rana. Shambhujeet’s modernized version of the song was met with criticism from fans, and many responded on YouTube to this attempt to plagiarize a classic song.

The singing aspect of the song is also being criticized. The original song had the voices of Udit Narayan Jha and Deepa Jha. Many viewers commented that Pramod and Milan’s voices did not do justice to the remake song. Questions have also been raised in the video. According to the song, the reactions of the artists who did not see the dance can be found in the YouTube comments of the song. As the song earns more abuse, the production team is under tension.

The song’s views on YouTube are also pitiful; just one month after its release, the remake version of the song failed to receive 3 lakh views. In addition, neither the views of the trailer nor those of the other songs are anticipated, which makes it difficult to build anticipation for the film. Given the lack of publicity, it will be difficult for the movie to do well at the domestic box office during the winter.

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