‘Juthe’ at the top of YouTube trending

The television serial ‘Juthe’, which is based on social and comedy stories, has reached the top of YouTube trending on Monday. The latest episode of the serial is very popular on YouTube. The video of the 114th episode, which was released on June 1, has been viewed more than 2.8 million times.

Not only the views, the viewers have showered this episode with positive comments. “We are very happy to reach the top of the trending,” Raju Paudel, one of the directors and actors told media.

Juthe presents a story of equality and tolerance against caste discrimination in rural Nepali society. Raju Paudel, famous as Raju Master, and Marichman Shrestha aka Balchi Dhruve have jointly directed the serial. Along with Balchi Dhruve and Raju Master, Ravi Giri, Vidya Karki, Rambabu Regmi, Mukund Mainali, Sharmila Sharma, Shri Prasad Thapa and others are in the top roles in the serial. ‘Juthe’ is telecasting on Himalaya TV HD at 9 pm on Thursday.

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