New Teej Song of Kalpana Karki and Shantishree Pariyar

Kathmandu: Teej, the great festival of Hindu women, has a special significance not only in Nepal but also for those living abroad. As Teej is approaching, different types of Teej songs are being released. Teej songs are often understood to mean dancing these days, but in an attempt to explain that Teej is not only about dancing but also a way for a girl to express her sorrows, the lyrics of the Teej song ‘Pardeshiko Teej’ have been released.

Shantishree Pariyar sings the song, and Kalpana Karki wrote the words. Kalpana Karki has used songs to describe the sights and experiences she had while living overseas. Everest World Class Taekwondo presented the Debendra Baral-penned song.

The song, which Dinesh Neupane composed, depicts the emotions felt by ladies during Teej. Biplav Adhikari handled the song’s mixing and mastering. The song’s lyrical video has been made available on Right Tune Entertainment’s official YouTube page.

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