Declared winners of Mr. and Miss SEE and Kids Star International

The winners of Mr. and Miss Kids Star International 2023 have been announced. Aayush Karki in Group ‘A’ and Marlaine Tamang in Group ‘B’ have become the winners for Mister Kids Star International, while Jasmin Pun has been chosen as the winner in Group ‘A’ and Priya Gurung in Group ‘B’ for Miss Kids Star International. Subigya Kunwar became the organizer’s choice for Group ‘A’.

Sonika Shrestha and Ronish Pandey were the winners of ‘Mr and Miss SEE 2023’ at a ceremony held in Kathmandu. Vivek Ranapal and Jharna Oli became the organizer’s choice in the competition.

According to organizer Fashion Era, the competition was organized with the aim of improving the ability of male and female students who have given SEE. All the winners have been given the opportunity of a scholarship worth 12 lakh rupees. They will also be able to participate in the international competition to be held in Spain next August.

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