Comedy teleserial ‘Khyalthatta’ airing from Wednesday

The comedy teleserial ‘Khyalthatta’ is going to be broadcast from 31st Jestha.This program will be aired every Wednesday night at 8:45 PM on NNTV. It will then be broadcast on Nsquare YouTube channel at 9:10.

Directed and written by Netra Raut, Rajaram Paudel, Binod Rai, Nabina Silwal (Khuili), Pawan Khatiwada (Makuri), Sandesh Lamichhane, Netra Raut, Saloni Karki, Nabujang Thapa, Birendranagar Mukhiya, Ramesh Sapkota and others will be performing in the show. Director Raut said that the program will be purely entertaining.

In this show we add a dose of humor. We will present the contemporary theme in a satirical way. Being a television show, it does not use profanity. We covered agriculture in the first episode. Likewise, we will present the problems in the country,’ he said. It is being shot in Kavre Dhungakhrak Lapsibot. The program filmed by Prabesh Pokharel will be edited by Rajendra Manandhar.

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