“Man Ka kura garaula yeso milaera” on Tik Tok trending

Man ko kura garaula yeso milaera, vholi diuso vhetna au yeso miso milaera

Tiktok has recently become such an indicator, which shows the audience’s interest in which songs and tunes are currently. The song ‘Meso Milaer’ composed by Arjun Pokharel has been trending in Tiktok Nepal recently. This song, which was released on YouTube a month and a half ago, is now becoming viral on Tiktok.

According to the production side, 6-7 lakh Tik tok videos have been made of this song so far and one to one and a half lakh views are received daily on YouTube. The song features Nishan Bhattarai and Asmita Adhikari and lyrics by Diggaj Dhaurali. Raj Katuwal and Shraddha Chhetri, who have also acted in films recently, have acted in the song.

Composer Pokharel has mixed his style in the rhythm and composition of this song. ‘Naboli Naboli’, ‘Timi Roeko Paal’, ‘Timro Ghore Sasundari’ are also similar songs composed by Arjun. We have received thousands of responses daily. Actor Katuwal, who also modeled in the song, said to Reporter, “This shows what kind of song the audience wants.”

Actor Katuwal is preparing for his upcoming film ‘Raja’. Shraddha’s last film was ‘Krishna Leela’.

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