Award in the hands of Shraddha who said, Award can be purchased

There are few awards in the world without controversy. Even the Oscar award, which is considered the most prestigious in the world, is often in controversy. The awards to be held in Nepal could not be without controversy. Awards in Nepal are just like the saying ‘Kahi na vhaeko jaatra Handi Gauo ma. There are also accusations that stalls are held and awards are distributed openly. But they are tired of neither taking nor giving. 

After the film ‘Krishna Leela’ did not make it to the top 5 nominations of NEFTA Awards, actress Shraddha Chhetri wrote on Facebook on May 14 that ‘awards can be bought but respect needs to be earned’. It was clear that she expressed her pain of not being nominated on Facebook. However, Shraddha, who said that awards can be bought, happily accepted an award this week.

While she was raising the award, a question was raised about her Facebook status, ‘Did she also buy the award?’ It is natural to ask this question. Because, she herself has openly said that the award can be bought on Facebook. Or will they only buy the awards received by others? Shraddha should keep in mind that when you raise your finger to others, three fingers are pointing to yourself.

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