Sisan’s explanation of the photo with Srishti

A romantic picture between actress and former Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha and vlogger Sisan Baniya has recently become a topic of discussion on social media. Srishti can be seen kissing Sisan in the said photo. As soon as this photo went viral on Facebook, there were speculations about the relationship between the two.

Media speculated that these two might be in an affair. Trolls and memes were made about this photo. Why not, Sisan is single after breaking up with former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada, while Shristi’s relationship status is single after breaking up with actor Saugat Malla. The reason for their status of being single led to gossip.

In this way, Sisan has given an explanation about this picture of creation. Sharing this picture on Instagram story on Wednesday, Sisan on said Shristi and his relationship are just good friends. Sisan said that their friendship is similar to that of Kate and Leo in the movie ‘Titanic’.

The feeling shared by me and my dear friend Shristi is sacred. We have shared many things in life. We have cried and laughed in all situations. We will always have a close friendship like Leo and Kate, we applaud each other’s achievements. This clip must be from a 2016 vlog and I know trolling is for fun,” he writes, “I’m above it but for women in our society are really tough. Such jokes and rumors affect our personal level. I also have girlfriends with a protective nature. Please don’t make noise about this picture.’

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