6 winners of ‘Mini, Little and Teen Prince and Princess International 2023’ announced

In the 12th ‘Little and Teen Prince and Princess International 2023’, 6 winners have been declared together. Six winners were declared as ‘Mini Girl’, ‘Mini Boy’, ‘Little Girl’, ‘Little Boy’, ‘Teen Girl’ and ‘Teen Boy’ in the competition held at the National Dance Hall in Jamal.

Elvira Maharjan was the winner of the mini girl competition, Pranvishree Singh was the first runner-up, Melissa Malla was the second runner-up and Kriva Bajracharya was the third runner-up. While Ojasraj Shrestha won the title for ‘Mini Boy’, Vibhatsu Upadhyay, Saksham Thapa, Joseph Parajuli became first runner-up, second runner-up and third runner-up respectively.

The title for ‘Little Girl’ was won by Darshana Sangraula. In this category, Ania Shakya was the first runner-up, Samriddhi KC was the second runner-up, and Manashvi Tuladhar was the third runner-up. Aditya Adhikari, Vibhushan KC, Nayan Baniya became the first runner-up, second runner-up and third runner-up respectively while Samyak Shrestha was declared the winners for the ‘Little Boy category.

‘Shrigya Maharjan received the title of ‘Teen Girl’. In this category, Eureka Rizal became the first runner-up, Zorufa Phuyal became the second runner-up. Swaroop KC won the title for ‘Tin Boy’. In this category, Pratyush Dhakal and Arogya Giri were declared first and second runner-up respectively.

The competition was organized by Radiant Event Management Agency. The managing director of the agency, Raj Faizu, said that the competition is being organized with the aim of improving the talent of children and empowering them to build the future. Students from seven years to 15 years participated in the competition.

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