Deepak brought an album of 6 songs with crore views

This album includes ‘Parkha Parkha Mayalu’ from the movie ‘Mangalam’, ‘Pahilo numberma’ from ‘Chakkapanja 3’, ‘Maya Jadau’ from ‘Hijo Ajako Kura’, ‘Dekhan Champa’ from ‘chhakka Panja 3′, ‘Darshan Salaam’ from ‘Chakkapanja 4′, and ‘Hawaldaar Suntali’ from the movie ‘Chi Musi Chi’. All these songs have been viewed more than one crores times on YouTube.

Releasing the album, composer Narahari Premi said that Sharma has added a new dimension to music. Narahari, who is also Deepak’s mentor, reminded Deepak that he inspired him to show the way of music. Recounting his experience of being rejected by many musicians at the beginning of singing, he expressed his happiness that Deepak’s songs reached Crore Club.

Musicians Association President Chetan Sapkota appreciated the hard work done by Sharma. “We left a hammered spade in the village and came with a harmonium, Deepak has also followed this path,” he said, “Congratulations on the song being viewed a crores times.” He accused the music businessmen of enriching themselves without paying the royalties of musicians and songwriters.

Senior lyricist Rajendra Thapa said that it is not important for songs to reach the crore club. He said, “It’s okay to run one or two” but reaching the 6/6 crore club is not a matter of choice. Musician Sharma said that even if he brings the album, all rights will be with the related YouTube channel. It is only a release that has been collected and put on a CD. “The songs will remain in the same condition wherever they are on the platform,” he said.

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