When he was in prison, he was obsessed with Mustang

Actor Paul Shah spent a year in jail due to an incident. He was released from prison in Falgun last year and after a few days of rest, he has been continuously working on music videos. The female version of his comeback video ‘Timilai herne Bani Paryo’ was released last week which was directed by Paul himself and depicted his own prison life. 

After his release from jail, his second video ‘Anshu Bani Nakhas Kaile Ni’ was released during an event in Kathmandu on Saturday. This song was shot in Mustang area. Paul himself has been proposing to shoot in Mustang with the producer. The ‘connection’ with Mustang is linked to his prison life. In that program, he revealed the secret of choosing Mustang for filming the song.

‘When there was a discussion about where to shoot the song, I proposed that we shoot it in a Mustang,’ he said, recalling his prison life, ‘We used to meditate for 2 hours in the prison. There we could only see the wall and the sky. There is a posture called Shavasana in meditation. At that time, the Guru used to tell him to close his eyes and imagine himself in the world outside the walls. At that time, his heart was in Mustang’s greenery, landscape, dryness, river. After coming out, He said to shoot this song in Mustang.’

After being released from prison, Paul is working only in music videos. He is also receiving offers from films. It is known that he has already agreed to work with one team. Before going to jail, he signed three film deals. However, now he is not in the mood to work in that film. He is under pressure to make a pleasant comeback in the film.

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