“My previous 11 films are the charioteer of the journey till Chakkapanja-4”

Kathmandu- Benisha Hamal, who stepped onto the Nepali silver screen with the film ‘Swar’ 12 years ago, has acted in 11 films since then. In most of them, she was praised for her acting skills, but she did not get to taste success commercially. For this, she had to wait until the 12th year of her acting journey, the 12th film ‘Chakkapanja 4’.

While ‘Chakkapanja 4’, starring Deepakraj Giri and Deepashree Niraula, is doing well at the box office, Benisha is also enjoying it. Benisha said to reporter, “There are so many positive messages coming after this film that it is going to make my heart happy, I have got energy to do better work and I am going to be dutiful.”

However, Benisha had already shown her acting magic by playing different characters and environment roles in films like Kalopothi, Blind Rocks, Jyanakuti. However, film is also a business and box office business also plays a role in it. Benisha feels that now she has become a complete actress. She says, “I consider every film I have done as a success. The characters in every film have taught me a lot. The journey to Chakkapanja 4 has been decided by the character and acting done in 12 years.

Benisha pointed out that although the technical aspects of Nepali films are improving, there is still a problem in ‘scripting’. “We are probably in too much of a hurry to go on the floor, we put less effort in pre-production,” she says. She said that there is no reduction in the difference between male and female actors, from roles to salaries. Benisha, who decided to enter the film industry from media work, did not have much support from her family in the beginning, let alone from her father. But she told me that she decided to travel continuously due to her stubbornness and desire.

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