Actor’s character ‘Looks’ from film ‘A Year of Cold’

The ‘looks’ of the top character have come out from the set of the film ‘A Year of Cold’ which is being shot at Upper Dolpa under the direction of Min Bahadur Bham. The looks of the characters of top actors Sonam Topden, Tenzing Dalla, Thinle Lhamo and Loten Namling have been released.

These artists are presented in character looks in the geography of Upper Dolpa. This film, which is being shot in full swing for two weeks, is being co-produced by the Open Doors Hub of the world famous Film Festival Locarno. This is Sonam’s second feature film, who made his acting debut last year with Sudarshan Thapa’s love story film ‘Samahlinchha kahile Mann’.

In character looks, Sonam’s character transformation looks amazing. He looks lively in the role of a local character in Dolpa. On the other hand, this is the second feature film of Thinley, who acted in the famous film ‘Naka’ with Bipin Karki.

The story of the feminist road movie ‘A Year of Cold’ unfolds in the backdrop of a Himalayan village, a rural and patriarchal environment. It is also called survival road movie. The film tells the story of the journey of a pregnant Tibetan refugee woman who is forced to search for her missing husband due to legal reasons. But she will also have her real husband, her brother-in-law.

It is a film about love, marriage and sacrifice, where a girl faces many complications for identity and a safe home. Nepali women face all the struggles for a better life and to fight against the patriarchal society,” said director Bham. This is director Bham’s second feature film after ‘Kaalo Pothi’.

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