The new film ‘Upahaar’ was praised at the premiere

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, the new Nepali film ‘Upahaar’, which will be screened on Friday, Falgun 25th, had its grand premiere at Big Movies in Kamal Pokhari on Thursday. The filmmakers who reached the premiere were full of praise, saying that it was a ‘package’ film. Most of them openly praised the plot of the film and the acting of the actors.

The film’s director, Gyanendra Deuja, actress duo Pooja Sharma and Benisha Hamal, and actor trio Mukun Bhushal, Samarpan Jung Karki and Tej Giri were present at the premiere show. At the premiere, there were numerous artists in attendance, including senior filmmaker Pradik Kumar Uday, producer Chhabiraj Ojha, Dr. Suvodh Kumar Pokharel, Sudey Pokharel, artist Kiran KC, Shivhari Paudel, Ramesh Upreti, Jitu Nepal, producer and director Shovit Basnet, director Milan Chams, Om Aggarwal, director Diwakar Bhattarai, producer Kiran Nepali, director Om Pratik, producer Jyotiraj Rai, Vijay Lama, and numerous others. Additionally, a large number of journalists and media figures were present.

“Upahaar” will demonstrate what a commercial film looks like, according to director Sudarshan Thapa, who was present at the film’s premiere. Nepali films are purportedly of various genres, he stated. However, the film has only one edge, the main edge. This film is entirely mainstream. Its theme, the way it is presented, and the actors’ acting are all very good.

Gyanendra Deuja is a talented filmmaker who can show even the smallest details, actor Kiran KC said in his review of the film, which was great. Actor Ramesh Upreti said ‘Upahaar’ is the best film of this year. All of the actors have good acting skills. Along with entertainment, the film also has a message,” he said. “Rekha Thapa’s personality has come out in it. There are also signs of a strong maker in the line.

Actress Keki Adhikari, actor Vijay Lama, director Shovit Basnet, model Usha Upreti, director Krisha Chaulagain, and Diwakar Bhattarai, who were present at the premiere, said that the story of the film touched their hearts. Similarly, Mata Sabita Acharya, music composer Arjun Pokharel, artist Shivahari Paudel, writer Pradeep Bharadwaj and others commented that the film was good.

The reaction from the press and filmmakers thrilled director Gyanendra Deuja as well as actors Pooja Sharma and Benisha Hamal. They all admitted that they are happier than they are good and that they were initially worried about the response they would receive. In response, director Gyanendra Deuja said he would not let the audience down.

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