Shooting of ‘Talash 2’ is over

The shooting of the film ‘Talash 2’, which is a joint venture between Falgunand Lingden Films and Yollywood Films, has been completed. Directed by Dinesh Lingden, the film has been shot in various locations in the East including Kathmandu, Jhapa.

The film stars Rudra Pahim, Pushpanjali Teeling, Shailendra Nalbo, Rohan Century, Vimala Khajum, Rajkumar Shah, Sharmila Sharma, Poorna Seling, Tej Menyangbo, Sagar Kerung, Dilip Yonghang, Dipendra Nalbo, Poorna Ojha and Raju Ghimire. Music by Bikash Chaudhary, Dance by Kamal Rai, Action by Kumar Maharjan and Cinematography by Suman Yonjan, the film is produced under the direction of Sudita Lingden.

Leelaraj Kambang is the co-producer and Shailendra Nalbo is the producer of the film. Director Lingden said that the film deals with the experiences of Nepali women who are victims of murder, kidnapping and human trafficking.

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