The film ‘Kandetar’ passed the censor

Finally, after a long tug-of-war and controversy, the film ‘Kandetar’ has passed the censor. The film screening committee released the censor after watching the film on Thursday. Producer, actor and director Nawal Khadka has informed that the film produced by Samana Films Pvt passed the censor. After the censor passed, Netra Prasad Subedi, chairman of the committee and spokesperson of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, presented the certificate to the producer Khadka.

The Censor Board has granted a PG certificate so that children can watch the film under parental supervision. Before the censoring on Thursday, there was an agreement between the producer and the Censor Board officials to remove the Home Ministry scenes and dialogues about Bhutan in the film.

Khadka informed that the Censor Board has become flexible on some issues that India has violated the border. After the release of the censors, the producer Khadka has thanked everyone who helped create the pressure.

Last month, the Censor Board refused to pass the film saying that it would affect the relationship between Nepal and India. After passing the censors, the producer Khadka said that he will soon announce the performance date.

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