Dayahang’s desire of Bihe Pas on love with Prakriti

On the occasion of New Year, the top song of the film ‘Bihe Paas’, which is going to be screened on Baisakh 1, has been released. The romantic theme song ‘Mayako Bihe Pas’, which was released on YouTube on Friday, has Pratap Das’ voice, Bishnu Bhandari’s lyrics and Saroj Pokharel’s music. The song talks about the love between the film’s lead actor Dayahang Rai and actress Prakriti Shrestha. 

Directed by Pravesh Paudel, the film has Rohit Katel as the presenter and Ratna Shrestha as the executive producer. They are also distributing the film. The film has cinematography by Shiv Dhakal and choreography by Ramji Lamichhan and has been edited by Mitra Gurung. The story written by Murray Kerr, Akash Baral and Sajan Kafle has been adapted into a screenplay by Akash and Sajan.

Apart from Dayahang and Prakriti, the film also stars Shyam Rai, Vishal Pahadi, Buddhi Tamang, Subas Gajurel, Nizhwala Gautam, Rusha Neupane, Uma Baniyan, Navin Sherchan and Prakash Bhujel. Produced by Rojan Shrestha, the film is co-produced by Galjen Lama and Balkrishna Pakhrin. In ‘Bihe Pas’, Dayahang and Prakriti play the roles of husband and wife. This is a comeback film of nature.

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