The pain of migrating abroad for employment in Ram Prasad’s song

The song ‘Badhya Bhayauni’ has been released, based on the story of a man who was forced to migrate abroad without finding a job in his country. Singer Ram Prasad Paudel has sung the song and the lyrics and music are also his. Regina Pariyar has supported Ram Prasad in singing.

The pain of not being able to get jobs in the country, the leaders who make the country are not responsible and not being able to pay the wheat debt has been captured in the video of the song. Nepalese are going abroad out of compulsion rather than desire. The story of the song fits most of the Nepalese people’s life. Ram Prasad says – ‘The purpose of this song is to bring back Nepalese people who have gone abroad and remind them that they should do something for their country.’

In the video of the song, along with Ram Prasad, Radhika Paudel, Pradeep Edi, Spandan Pant and others are acting. The video of the song, directed by singer Ram Prasad, was shot by Manish Pant and edited by Padam Subedi.

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