Prakash Ghimire’s sarcasm: Today’s artists gambled by working on percentages

Veteran actor Prakash Ghimire has said that the current actors are gambling by sitting on shares instead of getting paid. Ghimire said this at the press conference organized on Tuesday for the film ‘Hookah: An Absurd Dream’, which is scheduled to be screened from the 12th of Jestha,

Current actors are gambling by sitting on percentages. A film can earn money tomorrow and it can also fail. This is gambling.” He says that famous artists are attracted to shares by not even getting paid.

This statement of his is aimed at artists like Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla and others who take “percentage” rather than salary. These artists have been working in shares recently. Ghimire, who completed the shooting of ‘Bashme Don’ a few days ago, is now busy promoting the social-health drama ‘Hookah: An Absurd Dream’.

He also said that he did not ask for a salary in this film and took as much as they gave, after saying that it was produced by a team from Pokhara. He said that he played the role of a social worker in the film and the social story can attract the audience.

Director Shambhu Thapa said that the film will present the story of the impact of hookah on children. Actor Tej Giri said that this film is the first for him in terms of shooting than ‘Premganj’. Giri, who is also a banker who won praise for his work in the last film Premganj, said that he played the role of a gray-shaded Villain in Hookha.

Debut actress Talisha Gurung said that she has a short and special role in the film. This actress, who has worked in three Gurung films and some serials, has played the role of the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family in the film. Pramila Khanal, who acted in the role of the top character, is currently resting after giving birth to a baby. The film also stars Santosh Kumar Atreya, Ashu Neupane, Nischal Bimal, Alyssa Vick and others.

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