Deepak Raj Giri protested against the case of fake Bhutanese refugees

Demonstrations are held daily in Maitighar Mandla regarding the case of fake Bhutanese refugees. Various groups and organizations have demonstrated against corruption with placards and slogans. In the demonstration, the culprits of the case should be punished and the government will be pressured not to gain a foothold in the investigation. On Tuesday Facebook group MRR protested against corruption in Maitighar.

Actor and producer Deepakraj Giri also participated in the demonstration against corruption. Carrying a placard, he stood at the funeral home. He, who is interested in politics and social issues, reached Maitighar along with members of MRR.

Deepak has been expressing his views on fake refugee cases through social media. Last Saturday, actors Nirmal Sharma, Asif Shah and others were present at the protest organized by Rashtriya Swatantra Party in Naxal against this case.

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