Actress Rekha Thapa gave birth to a daughter in America

Rekha Thapa, an actress, is now a mother. On Friday morning in the city of Colorado, USA, she gave birth to a daughter in a hospital. The actress Thapa announced her new status as a mother on social media by posting images of herself and her spouse, Balram Shahi Thakuri, cuddling up to her daughter in a hospital bed. She has named her daughter Baivabi RajyaLaxmi Shahi Thakuri.

Rekha wrote, tagging her husband Balram Shahi, “Look at the black clouds in the sky, there is a silver circle, look at the earth, there is a great reason for your birth: ‘Baivabi Rajya Lakshmi Shahi Thakuri’ “

Last November, Rekha and her spouse took a plane to the United States to give birth to their first child. Although she is expecting a child, she is also preparing for the release of her film “Upaahar” on Falgun 25. February is, therefore, particularly meaningful to her.

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