‘Dakini’ will release on Jestha 5

After completing the cycle of world famous festivals, the film ‘Dakini’ will be released in Nepali theatres. Film production company Shatcon Arts is going to release this film in Nepali theaters on Jestha 5th.

The English name of this film is ‘Looking for a Lady with Fags and Mustache’ and the Nepali name of this film is ‘Dakini’. There are many myths and legends of Bajrayogini, Tara-like goddesses (dakinis) in Buddhist texts. This film is also based on the story of searching for a goddess.

Nepali producers Rabindrasingh Baniya and Max Dipesh Khatri of Shatcon Arts are going to release the film in limited Nepali multiplex halls. On the day of release, the grand premiere of the film is being organized with the first show, the attraction of which will be Khinse Norbu (Jongsar Khinse Rinpoche), who is also the director of this film. He is also a great teacher of Buddhism. This is also Guru Rinpoche’s fifth film.

On the eve of the release, Rinpoche is coming to Nepal from America. Producer Max Dipesh Khatri said that Shatcon Arts is going to release the film soon after his arrival in Kathmandu. All the shooting of the film was done in Panauti and Patan.

60 percent of Tibetan and 40 percent of Nepali language have been used in it. Tshering Tasi from Vietnam and Tenzing Kunsel from America have acted in the main roles of the film. Born in India, both of them are of Tibetan origin. This is the first film in which both acted. Karm, Divyadev, Rabindrasingh Baniyan and other Nepali actors can also be seen acting in the film.

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