Rapper Sakar doing a musical tour in 9 places of the country

Rapper Sakar Adhikari, who is known as ‘Lil Buddha’ among music lovers, was almost unknown for the last nine months. Fans were impatient to know and hear about the news of this Rapper, who is very popular among contemporary rappers. There is good news for his fans who are waiting for his music.

His upcoming album will be released in June. Along with the release of the album, which will be released in the first week of June, Sakar is also holding concerts in nine cities of the country.

PVE Network, which has been managing Sakar’s tour for five years, is managing his Nepal tour this time as well. According to the network, Sakar will be on a musical tour in Australia, India, Europe and Middle Eastern countries this year. Sakar’s latest music video ‘No Piece in Love’ was trending in Australia and UAE along with Nepal.

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