Despite a strong cast, “Hattichhap” was a box office disaster.

The film is driven by its content or star; each person will interpret this in their own way and with their own logic. But, in truth, the film’s content serves as its primary inspiration. There are numerous instances of films with so-called “stars” that bombed at the box office because of poor material. “Hattichhap” is another instance of a film that fails to succeed simply by assembling a large cast of actors.

The film, which came out on Friday, centers on the chemistry between the well-known couple, Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla, with actors Benisha Hamal, Upasana Singh Thakuri, Buddhi Tamang, and Bijay Baral also playing important roles. Deepak Raj Giri also makes a brief appearance as “Raja,” but even “Raja” is unable to salvage the film.

Furthermore, Deepak Raj’s cameo in the film is pointless. He appears to be merely a dummy to operate the film. He only has scenes that last for thirty seconds. His entrance is reminiscent of the “Raja” character from “Chakka Panja.” The producer hoped the film would still be successful despite his name on it. Still, no such miracle occurred.

Furthermore, “Hattichhap” is a film that was made on shaky foundations. The construction of visual language itself is not dependable or organic. Character development suffers from the same issue. The film’s weak points are also its poor presentation and writing. ‘Cliched’ dialogue and scenes are present in the film. As a result, despite having actors referred to as “stars,” “Hattichap” was unable to avoid failure.

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