How much did Prasad 2, Nai Nabhannu La 6 and Kaidi Ko Patra earn?

Four Nepali movies are being screened in the movie theater. The business of ‘Jari’, which is being exhibited since 1st Baisakh, is high compared to others. According to the box office details of the Film Development Board, after 21 days of screening, ‘Jari’ has made a business of more than Rs 15 crores. Even the indication of business on Friday and Saturday, Jari is better than other movies.

Along with the decrease in the number of ‘Prasad 2’ and ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’, which have been shown since 15th of Baisakh, the audience has also decreased. After a week of performance, Nai Nabhannu 6 has managed to do business of Rs 25 lakh and Prasad 2 has managed to do business of Rs 70 lakh. Another movie Kaidi Ko Patra which has been on display since 15th Baisakh, was not even seen by the audience. After deducting 18 percent tax in the mentioned details, the film theater and the distributor will divide the amount received as per the agreement.

Similarly, the movie ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’, which has been showing since 21st Baisakh, has done business of Rs. 20 lakhs in two days. This is a very small business.

The trade has made it clear that the other films that were released after the New Year were not chosen by the audience. Ravi Adhikari, a member of the Film Development Board, confirmed the business of the movie ‘Jari’. “If we look at the business of the film, it seems that its commercial numbers will increase further, the business of other films is around the same as the published details”, said a member of the board.

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