Brahmanandam appears in the poster for the film “Hrashwo Deergha.”

Actress Neeta Dhungana’s film Hrashwo Deergha’ is going to be released in Dashain next year. The release date was announced on Thursday, on the occasion of the birthday of South Indian actor Brahmanandam, by releasing the first-look poster. This film will be screened on Ashwin 11.

Brahmanandam is depicted in the poster in two distinct moods. He wears a dhaka cap and has sandalwood visible on his forehead. He is shown with a surprised expression in one and a happy one in the other. Both Telugu and Nepali versions of the Brahmanandam character posters have been made available. The audience’s interest in ‘Hrashwo Deergha’ has grown since Brahmanandam made his debut in a Nepali film.

Along with Ali, Pradeep Rawat, the antagonist of “Ghajni,” Kabir Duhan Singh, and Brahmanandam from the South, the film marks the directorial debut of Chandra Pant, who is established in conflict direction. Neeta Dhungana, Harihar Adhikari, Bipana Thapa, Sanchita Luintel, Prashant Tamrakar, Kiran KC, Buddhi Tamang, Garima Sharma and others have acted from Nepal. Harihar is the one who wrote the film’s story, and Neet Dhungaga produced it.

Indian cinematographer Kabir Lal shot the film, which was shot in two stages in Nepal and India. He has shot successful Bollywood films like ‘Dil Aapke Paas Hai’, ‘Welcome Back’, and ‘Pardesh’. The film’s budget has reached over 6 crores.

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