A serious and depressed Swastima in ‘Tulki’ poster

The character poster of Dev Thapa directed film ‘Tulki’, which is going to be released on Jestha 12th, has been released. In one of the two public posters, new actress Swastima Karki is depicted in a serious and depressed mood, while in the other poster, actor Shishir Wangdel is present with her. The looks of Swastima and Shishir seem to arouse the curiosity of the audience towards the film. 

Produced under the banner of The Palm Group, the film also stars Sophia Limbu, Narendra Tamang, Som Lama, Shekhar Lama, Saujan Subba, Bhaktasingh Kathayat, Ratna Prasad Neupane and others. RP Karmacharya and Ujeli Lama are the producers of the film, which is hosted by Shekhar Lama. Presenter Lama informed that the film’s song and trailer will be released this week.

The shooting of the film based on the polygamy system prevalent in the Himalayan region took place in the Himalayan district of Dolpa. Cinematography by Sushil Adhikari and Namraj Ghimire, the story of the film is written by Laxman Sunar and the screenplay is by Shekhar Lama. Edited by Tara Thapa and choreographed by Ligesh Bhattarai and Ramesh Budhathoki, the film is distributed by DCN and Rich Entertainment.

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