The auspicious moment of the movie ‘Sanimaya’

Dev Dhimal’s scripted and directed film ‘Saanimaya’ has been auspicious. The auspicious occasion of the film was done by Rajkumar Rai, the former chairman of the Film Development Board. Speaking at the program, Rai said, “Making a film is not a big thing, but making a good film is a challenging task.” It is hoped that the film Saanimaya will add a brick in the film industry.

Many actors are new in the film. Sanimaya will prove that new actors can also do good work,’ director Dhimal said, ‘The new will become old, so the combination of old and new actors in this film will make the film successful.’

Produced by Raj Chaudhary, the film will feature Ramchandra Adhikari, Sharda Giri, Savitra Chilwal, Rajkumar Shah, Arjun Thapa, Swechha Dhakal, Abhishek Phuyal, Krishna Prasad Dhital, Priyanka Shrestha and others. It is said that the shooting of the film will start from the second week of Jestha.

The film is going to be produced by 8848 Entertainment Pvt Ltd and produced by Dhimal Films.

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