The NEFTA awards to be held in the US have moved from Jestha to Shrawan 6

The 11th NEFTA Awards to be held in Hollywood land in America will not take place on the predetermined date Jestha 13. A new date has been fixed on Shrawan 6th (July 22), postponing the award for two months due to lack of necessary preparations for the award. The announcement of the nomination of the award will be made on Baisakh 31, according to the organizing organization Movie Technicians Association. 

Pushkar Lama (Prem Bhomjan), president of the association, said that all the filmmakers who are not nominated will participate in the awards held in America. Films screened within 2079 will compete in 42 categories at the award. The jury has finished watching the film and evaluating it. Before America, various versions of NEFTA have been completed in UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Qatar.

Fame Nepal, US Khabar and Aryan Films have collaborated with Technical Association for the American version. President Lama said that the award is going to be held in America with the aim of internationalizing Nepali films. Bimal Pachai, chairman of the organizing organization Fame Nepal, has said that through NEFTA Awards, they are promoting culture by collaborating with Hollywood and Bollywood. 

The award for the best actor and actress category of the award is prepared to be presented by one of the Hollywood and Bollywood actors. Before the awards, a cultural tableau is going to be presented through a 2-kilometer Nepal parade program involving the Nepali community in Texas. The 10th edition of NEFTA was held last year in a five-star hotel in Kathmandu

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