Grand premiere of film about Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, to be released on QFX

Grand premiere of film about Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, to be released on QFX

Kathmandu- The documentary film ‘Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest’ about Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the first Nepali woman to climb the highest peak Everest, has been grandly premiered in Nepal. Foreign filmmakers, climbing community, celebrities, diplomats were present at the premiere held at the Central Cinema Hall in Civil Mall of QFX on Wednesday evening.

The film is going to be screened nationwide on the occasion of 30 years since Pasang Lhamu, a national treasure and star of Nepal, climbed the mountain. Pasang Lhamu Foundation informed that this film will be screened on 15th Baisakh in the halls of QFX Multiplex.

Speaking after watching the film at the premiere, Speaker Devraj Ghimire said that Pasang Lhamu is the pride of the country and said that the film will inspire all the viewers. Speaker Ghimire said that after watching the film, women can take inspiration and support women’s struggles. Lakpa Footi Sherpa, a climber who climbed Mount Everest with Pasang Lhamu, said that the film is still an inspiration for everyone.

The president of the foundation, Dawa Footi Sherpa, informed that the American director Nancy Svendsen has worked hard for more than two decades to prepare the film. The 72-minute long documentary film was produced by Sharon Wood and Angdorje Sherpa. This film premiered at Santa Baba International Film Festival in March 2022, this time Nepali audience will be able to watch it.

The film describes the tragic but inspiring journey of Pasang Lhamu. The film has given a message of transformation to the society by connecting topics such as the struggle of an uneducated, tribal woman from a remote area in Nepali society, obstacles and support from society to family.

It presents the touching story of Pasang Lhamu climbing Mt. Everest in her fourth attempt. This film has been screened at 30 film festivals internationally. It has also won 14 awards including Telluride, Colorado, Banff, Kendall Mountain Festival in Canada and UK and other prestigious festivals.

The foundation said that the film will be screened not only at QFX but also in the main cities of seven provinces including Lukla and Namche, with the aim of reaching public awareness among students, parents and the elderly. It is also said that the money collected from the screening of the film will be spent on educational development.

Pasang Lhamu, who managed to climb Mount Everest on 10th of Baisakh 2050, died while returning from the summit.

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