Both commercial and arthouse films are equally important for an artist.

Mahesh Tripathi is a famous actor of domestic films recently. The ‘Chapli Height 3’ debut actor’s latest film ‘Prasad 2’ is running in theaters. In this latest film directed by Sudarshan Thapa, he played the role of Sanokaji.

In terms of visual language, his upcoming film ‘Halkara’ is one of the most awaited of this year, where he has played a top role. This is the first film in his career as a top actor. Tripathi, who played the character of a postman, gained international attention in this film. He won the best actor award at the Worldfest Houston festival.

Tripathi, who has worked in commercial films like ‘Chapli Height 3’, feels that it is equally important for an actor to work in both commercial and arthouse films.

As an actor, the process of both films is the same. Artistic films are good for motivating actors, but commercial films are equally important for actors to survive,” he says. “There should be no such problem abroad. Here it is said that the film did well, but if it is not successful commercially, then the struggle remains. That pressure is still there.

He says that regardless of commercial and arthouse film offers, he prefers the character he plays. “If there is a film that will be a hit commercially, I will see which character I can play,” he says. Tripathi believes that an actor is nothing without a co-actor. How good an actor’s work can be depends on his co-actor. In terms of the buzz I got abroad, the credit also goes to my co-actor. It’s not just me. 99 percent of my performances are co-actors,” he says.

He says that the position of “Halkara” will be at the top in the career. He said that Halkara, the main character of the film, has a multi-character character. There is no justice than the postal service. That character may be someone’s son-in-law, someone’s husband, a citizen or something,” he says. On how to present a character, Mahesh says, ‘Character is to be found within oneself. I don’t want to go into the character. Its main character is also a character connected with me somewhere. Before I choose a character, I look for how human the character is.

Binita Thapa Magar also has the lead role in ‘Halkara’ directed by Bikram Sapkota.

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