Kutumba will heat the Tundikhel of Kathmandu in the New Year

Kathmandu- Famous musical group Kutumba is going to heat up the Tundikhel of Kathmandu in the new year. The family will give a special performance at the ‘Osho Mahotsav 2079’ to be organized in Tundikhel on 1st Baisakh. It is said that this time the family will also do new experiments that have not been done so far. Osho Tapovan’s presentation and Om Nepal Media are going to organize the festival to welcome the new year. This time, Osho Mahotsav will be a festival of music, meditation, sadhana, taste, laughter and study. According to the organizers, there will be meditation, yoga, singing, dancing, live music, laughing meditation, live repetition, book display, food festival, ghajal baachan and prahshan.

This festival is the second edition of meditation and festival held last year on 1st Baisakh in the presence of more than 15 thousand people. People of all classes, ages, communities, castes and religions will participate in the 12-hour festival from 9 am to 9 pm. Although the Osho festival will be organized from 9 am, the main program will start from 5 pm. The organizers aim to have 50,000 people meditate and celebrate together in the evening. Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arunj will provide special blessings and blessings in the celebration, which is expected to be attended by prominent people of the country.

The program will also feature international dance, music and comedy. Internationally renowned chef Santosh Shah will coordinate the food festival during the Osho festival. Some of his new dishes can be tasted at the festival. The organizers believe that this festival can play an important role in making the Nepali society a prosperous man through the safe means of yoga and sadhana, to be aware of our health, which is deteriorating day by day due to physical and mental stress, frustration and sadness. Global Tourism Promotion Council is the festival partner of Osho Festival. The media coordination of the festival will be done by Film Journalist Association Nepal.

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