Karishma sarcasm on Balen: Rs 50,000 fined and advertised for 5 Lakh

On Tuesday, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City fined the producer of the movie ‘Bagan’ Rs 50,000 for putting up random posters. The metropolis fined Bagan for visual pollution by putting up such posters.

But ‘Bagan’ actress Karishma Manandhar has taken a dig at Mayor Balen Shah regarding the city’s decision to fine. Sharing the picture of the special show of the film, she wrote the caption, “The city fined us 50,000 and advertised for 5 lakh. Who says that Balenji does not love Nepali cinema? Jai Bagan, Jai Balen.

Various comments are coming on this post of Karishma. After the Metropolitan city imposed to paid the fine, Suresh Wagle, the producer of ‘Baagan’, also shared the receipt of the fine and wrote, ‘Balenji Adipurush stopped Hindi cinema. Please also support Nepali cinema. Our support and cooperation will always be there in the campaign of the metropolis against environmental pollution.

Saroj Khanal’s directorial debut ‘Baagan’, which was released on Friday, has Karisma Manandhar, Saroj Khanal, Pramila Karki and others in top roles. The story of a single woman’s remarriage and a single mother’s efforts to raise a daughter is presented in it.

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