Nikita Poudel’s Nari Television on air

As Nepal’s first women’s TV channel, Nari Television HD has started broadcasting from Wednesday.

Broadcasting of television was officially started by organizing a program in Budiganga municipality of Bajura on Wednesday. A program called Maiti Ghar and Aaja ko Nari has been aired on television.

It is said that the TV will give priority to topics such as the unheard stories of women, the pain of women’s oppression, the role and importance of women in society, and the leadership of women in social change.

In the program, along with food, 15 HIV-affected women of Bajura were given protein diet medicine for 3 months and daily consumable food items were distributed to 100 single women.

Rabii Lamichhane, chairman of the National Independent Party, who was present at the ceremony, said that Nari TV will have a different purpose and importance in television crowds.

The television channel ‘TV Filmi’, which has been broadcasting for 14 years targeting the film industry, has been launched as ‘Nari TV’. The president of the channel is Nikita Paudel. She said that Nari TV will remain active for the sake of women’s rights and interests.

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