Swastima reached Sydney with a ‘Dimaag Kharab’

Actress Swastima Khadka has had a fantastic year. Since May, she has released three films: “Aincho Paincho,” “Pashupati Prasad 2: Bhasme Don,” and “Dimaag Kharab.” She is surprised that two of them turned out to be hits. Additionally, the number of films offered to her has also increased.

Now that she is in Sydney, Australia, she has brought the movie “Dimaag Kharab,” which is now touring various Australian cities, with her. She is interacting with the audience, gauging their reactions, and traveling with the film’s director and spouse, Nischal Basnet.

Through social media, Swastima has revealed that she is having a good time in Australia. She just shared a photo of herself looking gorgeous in a pink dress from Sydney. After reaching abroad, Swastima has become even more transparent.

Apart from Swastima, ‘Dimaag Kharab’ features Khagendra Lamichhane, Dayahang Rai, and Bijay Baral.

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