Former Chief Justice Shrestha’s ‘Zindagika Tareli’ launch

Former Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha’s album titled ‘Zindagika Tareli’ has been released. His father Kul Bahadur Shrestha and mother Laxmi Devi Shrestha released the album in a ceremony organized in the capital on Saturday. They said album contains seven songs related to life, love, spirituality and country philosophy.

Composed by the former Chief Justice, the song features singers Anand Karki, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Satyaraj Acharya, Swaroopraj Acharya, Shishir Yogi, Sumit Khadka and Milan Newar and music by Shakti Ballav. On that occasion, the chief guest and father of lyricist Shrestha, Kul Bahadur said that it is important to have the wisdom and conscience to serve the country and respect others after being born as a human being.

Senior lyricist Yadav Kharel expressed that since a song is a combination of words, music and singing, after combining it with Triveni, Kalkal should be like the water of a flowing river. He said, “The general public and the audience should feel the connection, separation and laughter provided by song-music, then the creation will continue.”

Prof. Dr. Krishnahari Baral expressed his belief that the former Chief Justice Shrestha will be established as a powerful writer and a master in the field of Nepali song-music and literature.

Senior musician Shakti Ballav welcomed the former chief justice for entering the sea of ​​Nepali song music and said that his songs not only have diversity in creation but also strengthened the Nepali vocabulary.

Lyricist Shrestha said that since he has entered a new journey of song and music, he will fully respect the feedback and suggestions about the creation.

He said, “The sacred melody of music contributes to improving the environment, we think that the actions we have done should convey the message of creativity and hope in the society.” Other speakers participating in the program responded that his song warned to be honest towards the nationality.

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