‘Amber Gurung National Music Award’ to lyricist Kharel

The ‘Amber Gurung National Music Award’ established by the Pokhreli Youth Cultural Family in the name of the famous musician Amber Gurung will be presented to senior lyricist Kiran Kharel for the first time.

Upendra Poudel, president of the Pokhareli Youth Cultural Family, informed that the award worth Rs. 20 Lakh. He said that Sadhanarat Kharel, who has been continuously writing songs for six decades, is going to give an award for his unique contribution to the world of Nepali music.

The prize will include a copper plate and a dosalla along with cash. A family active in the promotion of literature, art and music established the award last year in the memory and honor of Amber Gurung, the pinnacle personality of the Nepali music sector. The late Gurung was the composer of the Nepali National Anthem, and the founding Chancellor of the Nepal Music and Drama Academy.

According to the family, there is Rs 20 lakh in the prize fund. President Paudel mentioned that various organizations and individuals have joined hands in establishing the fund. A target has been taken to increase the prize fund to Rs. 25 lakhs.

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