The Film ‘Roshni’ will be screened on Shrawan 19

The film ‘Roshni’ directed by Khum Bahadur Sunar is going to be screened on Shrawan 19th. The production unit issued a statement on Thursday saying that the film has completed all the work and is ready for screening.

Based on a love story, the film features Kasish Dahal, Ramesh Abju, Nitan Paul, Menuka Giri, Kamal Gyawali, Sanju Shahi , Gopal Pariyar and others. Co-directed by Kamal Bagale and Kashis Dahal, the action directed by Gopal Pariyar and Bir Master.

Ramesh Abju and Milan Bhari produced the film in collaboration with Arun Kumar Sunar’s cinematography and edited by Gautam Khadak, Khum bhadur Sunar. The story of Ramesh Abju and the screenplay and dialogues of Ramesh Abju, director Sunar and Raghu Pariyar were shot in Palpa, Butwal, Bhairahawa, Ilam, Itahari and Kathmandu.

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