The artist said that the influence of the media on the development of the film industry is remarkable

An interactive program on the topic of ‘Media Impact on Nepali Films’ has been organized today by Film Journalists Association. KL Budhathoki, member of Film Development Board, Mohan Niraula, president of Film Artists Association, actress Keki Adhikari, director and artist Deepashree Niraula and director Nawal Nepal, journalist and director Phulman Bal made their statements in the program organized in Kathmandu.

Director Nawal Nepal said that both film journalists and actors should understand that the way they treat each other, they will also be treated the same way. He pointed out the need for the media to recognize the old artists who have contributed to the film industry.

Similarly, actress Keki Adhikari said that the influence of media in the Nepali film industry is strong. She said, “Even the great directors of the Nepali film industry have been doing journalism. The influence of the media on the development of the film is strong. However, the media should not lose credibility. If the reader does not have faith in the media, it cannot have an impact.

Director Deepashree Niraula said that even now the relationship between filmmakers and journalists is like flesh and nails. She argued that now every person is like the media and the journalists should go deep and convey the news. She said that earlier she used to be excited when asked to give an interview, but now she is starting to feel as if the media’s questions are pointing a gun. She said-‘Earlier, the media used to support the artists. But now they sell it. Earlier, when I was interviewed, I used to tell others. Now I want to hide it. Therefore, it would have been easier for us to survive if the media understood the truth and wrote it.

Mohan Niraula, the president of the Movie Artists Association, said that now the news is coming in a biased manner and argued that the actors will get justice if the media understands the truth and writes the news. He said that the influence of the media is the most in Nepali films, saying that the introduction of the professionals goes through the hall in one way and through the media in another way.

Journalist and director Phulman Bal said that the situation has created a distance between media workers and film workers. He said – if the film sector itself is not commercial, how can the media also be commercial? We can’t say that the film industry has gone up just because a film has been made well. Therefore, first of all, everyone needs to work to develop the film sector itself.

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