Shooting of Indian films is increasing in Nepal

Indian films and tele/web series are being shot in Nepal for some time now. Although Nepal has become a filming location for English-language documentaries, the number of Indian films has not increased much.

In the year 2078, the film ‘Uchai’ was shot for a month in Nepal. Indian artist Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, Parineeti Chopra, Sarika Hasan, etc., made Nepal well known. After that, along with Indian films, serials have also started coming in Nepal.

Indian film ‘Mirai’ was shot in Kathmandu only last week. At the same time, Indian director Anubhav Sinha also shot a series for ten days from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

Filming of ‘India’s Most Wanted’ starring actor Arjun Kapoor also took place in Pokhara. These are representative names only. Small series, music videos are also being shot. Production designer Arun Regmi informed that the attraction of foreign films in Nepal is increasing.

Along with him, Suraj Acharya’s company Three Wheelers has done the work of Nepal management for ‘Forge’ and ‘Uchai’ along with director Sinha’s series in the last two years. The production designer arranges all the arrangements required for shooting the film.

Nepalese technicians also got to learn while working with foreign groups. Their working style is mature. One learns how to work in a large group,’ said production designer Regmi.

Especially when filming crews come to Nepal from abroad, more than 100 technicians come. They have been working in collaboration with the locals. Production designer Manoj Joshi, who has seen the Nepal setting of ‘Mirai’, said that it was easy to work. ‘Working with them makes you feel confident when you take responsibility. I hear that you like Nepal. Joshi said, “I found them attracted by the hospitality of the Nepali people.”

Production designer Regmi said that even big actors of Bollywood present simplicity while working in a group. ‘The veteran artist’s simplicity and human nature towards his work gave us energy to work. Passion for work is commendable. We were never treated like a big artist to make us comfortable,’ he said.

Shankar Pandey, another production designer, said that if the government of Nepal provides services to the films coming from abroad, the number will increase. “The number will increase if the approval agencies, especially for filming, become more agile and provide some concessions. Now Nepal is coming more because of them than because of us,’ said production designer Pandey.

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